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Pedir lista de precios Pinche aquí para pedir nuestra lista de precios con todos los productos en almacén.
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Guía 1.M.R.S. Trading cumple las reglas internacionales de negocios transfronterizos; sin embargo en 1.M.R.S. Trading...
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Transporte y transporte marítimo
Transporte y transporte marítimo Nuestras mercancías son normalmente transportadas en contenedores. Consultando al esquema que figura abajo es fácil formarse una idea sobre la cantidad de cada producto que entra en un contenedor.
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Danish Consulate, Nigeria

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About Danish Consulate, Nigeria:

We handle a great variety of demands for our customers and makes sure that the business transactions goes as smooth as possible. Nevertheless there is some practical information which is good to know before you make business with 1.M.R.S. Trading Company Denmark, especially if you consider going to Denmark. The Danish Consulate in Nigeria will be helpful with all kinds of relevant information about doing business with Danish companies. 

At the Danish Consulate you will find relevant information about:

  • Visa rules for a Nigerian citizen who wants to go to Denmark.
  • Visa application forms for Denmark.
  • General information about Denmark.
  • Travel information for foreigners who want to go to Denmark.
  • Contact information for the Danish Consulate in Nigeria.
  • Services that the Danish Consulate in Nigeria provides.

1.M.R.S. Trading Company Denmark primary business focus lies on import and export of the following goods:

New goods, factory rejected goods, used products, bicycles, second hand clothing, washing machines, refrigerators, dishwashers, stoves, ovens, used TV's, freezers, compressors, used shoes, balers, DVD players, micro ovens etc.

Danish Consulate, Nigeria's Address:

Royal Danish Consulate General
Maersk House
121 Louis Solomon Close
P.O.Box 72554
Victoria Island

Opening hours

Monday - Friday: 8.00 - 17.00


Tel.: (+234) 1 262 6450
Fax: (+234) 1 262 6495